K. Aroon ( Golden Heritage)

Golden Heritage


Elegant Simplicity: Uniting Natural Elements for a Serene Experience

Harmoniously designed with earthy tones, spaciousness, and cohesive elements, the rooms create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.



K. Aroon ( Golden Heritage)




450 Sq.m.


THB 6,500,000


The bedroom is designed with earthy tones, featuring spaciousness, wooden flooring, and brown walls and curtains, adorned with a brown entertainment center and complemented by brown bedding and carpets, creating a cohesive color scheme throughout the room.

The walk-in closet is designed with a combination of brown and cream wood, exuding warmth, and decorated with brown chandeliers, creating a seamless connection with the bedroom.

The guest reception zone is designed with high, airy ceilings and glass walls on both sides, creating an open and spacious feel. The floor is adorned with soft cream-orange toned stones that blend harmoniously with the wood and other zones. Furniture choices include cream-white fabric sofas, enhanced by a centerpiece chandelier in the middle of the foyer.

The lounge area is designed with cream-colored stone flooring, complementing the wooden furniture and brown and black sofas. The front wall extends to accommodate a TV, with hidden lighting underneath, adding dimension to the space. Additionally, one side is made of transparent glass, offering a view of the garden, creating an open and comfortable atmosphere without feeling crowded.


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