Pena / XOXO @ centralwOrld

Mega Bangna


Accessible showcases, inviting window design

The design features a transparent storefront and eye-catching window displays, allowing customers to view and access the showcased merchandise effortlessly, while the interior is adorned with long rails for convenient product showcasing and selection.



Pena / XOXO @ centralwOrld




200 sqm


THB 3,000,000

The design incorporates captivating window displays and a fully transparent storefront, offering a clear view of the showcased products as well as a glimpse into the interior. Inside, the space is adorned with long and circular rails, providing ample opportunities for product showcasing while ensuring easy visibility and accessibility for customers. The addition of a white backdrop and the inclusion of the store’s logo on the display window creates a visually appealing focal point that attracts and engages the attention of passersby. The open entrance without doors enhances the welcoming atmosphere and facilitates seamless entry into the store, while the thoughtfully designed interior allows customers to observe and explore the merchandise with ease, making it a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

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