Mahidol Executive Conference

Salaya - Bangkok

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A Versatile Space for Productive Meetings and Collaborative Discussions

The result is a multi-purpose room that not only meets the diverse needs of its users but also creates an environment that inspires productivity, creativity, and meaningful discussions



Mahidol Executive Conference




300 Sq.m.


THB 25,000,000 (Total)


Interior design for Mahidol International College’s Aditayathorn Building, based on the concept of a globally-oriented educational facility that supports learning and living within the university’s campus. The design aims to accommodate students and educational professionals from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds, providing convenient amenities and promoting a vibrant lifestyle.

The total area of the interior design covers 2,350 square meters and includes the following spaces: Entrance Foyer, Executive Multi-Purpose Room, International Office, Free Lab Computer Room, and Library.

The design of the Executive Multi-Purpose Room, which serves as a meeting and discussion space, focuses on the primary users, including faculty members, high-level administrators, and students who require a space for meetings or discussions. The flexible layout of the room allows for various configurations to suit different needs, emphasizing elegance and maximizing functionality. The materials used in the space primarily consist of dark-colored wood, creating a warm and visually comfortable environment without reflective surfaces or obstructive exterior windows, allowing natural light to filter in from all sides.


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