Why should you hire an interior contracting company?

Hiring an interior contracting company is beneficial because they provide comprehensive services. Their professional team manages the work efficiently, reduces complexities, and saves the client's personal time significantly. Moreover, working with a company ensures clear contractual agreements before starting the project, and the client can monitor the progress throughout, eliminating the hassle of overseeing the work.

Is it more complicated to work with a contracting company compared to hiring general contractors?

With a clear and systematic working approach, a company might seem more complicated to clients who are unfamiliar with the process. However, Modernize Design is happy to explain and guide clients through the interior decoration and contracting process, ensuring clarity in work and the workflow from the beginning to the end of the project.

Why should you collaborate with Modernize Design?

Modernize Design has over 36 years of experience in interior design and contracting, starting from the year 1987. With over 600 projects completed, they handle projects of all sizes. They have a dedicated team of designers, project coordinators, foremen, and quality assurance teams.

Does the company have a clear work plan?

Modernize Design provides a detailed and transparent quotation (BOQ) before starting the project. This includes specifying the work scope, material pricing, project duration, ensuring the client knows the overall budget and the company's responsibilities.

Can construction work start with just floor plans or interior designs?

No, it cannot. The company needs to conduct an on-site evaluation to create detailed construction drawings using AutoCAD and prepare shop drawings. These drawings outline the spatial details, work dimensions, material specifications, and ensure they meet appropriate standards for practical use. This step helps assess the overall budget accurately.

What are the advantages of having a project foreman overseeing the work?

A project foreman is responsible for planning, managing, and inspecting the work, ensuring both the quality of the workmanship and documentation are in order. They act as the primary coordinator between the design team and the construction team, providing regular updates to the client throughout the process.

How long is the warranty period for interior decoration work?

Modernize Design offers a one-year warranty on the interior decoration work, covering the finishes, loose furniture, and built-ins.

Can clients make changes to the design during the construction phase?

Changes can be made depending on the extent of work completed. If the construction has not started or the project is not in a recognizable shape, adjustments can be made. However, it may incur additional costs. In the case where installations are already completed, clients will need to discuss their desired changes with the company and agree upon any associated cost adjustments. The flexibility also depends on whether the design is provided by the client or the company. If it's a client-provided design, it may require more time for coordination and design revisions.

Does the company handle systems management?

Modernize Design offers comprehensive management of electrical systems, air conditioning systems, and plumbing systems. They collaborate with experienced technicians who ensure the correctness and safety of these systems.

What factors affect the cost estimation for interior contracting work?

Factors that affect the cost estimation include the size of the area, the type of property, the complexity of the design, the grade of materials, the condition of the existing structure, and the type of furniture and fixtures required.

What is the quality level of materials used by the company?

The company selects materials that meet the standards and are suitable for the specific design and usage requirements. They source materials both locally and internationally, ensuring quality by conducting additional inspections before using them in the actual project, adhering to Thai standards and premium grade standards

How long does the price evaluation process take?

For the evaluation of design work, it takes approximately 3-7 business days. And for the estimation of decoration work, it takes about 7-14 days.

Is there a cost for the site assessment?

The company provides a free site survey and preliminary layout according to the customer's desired concept.