K. Tharinee Setthasiri

AG3A6817 5

Where Modern Elegance Meets Serene Comfort.

A stylish combination of silver-blue and gold-red hues creates a contemporary and luxurious ambiance in the guest area, while the bedroom showcases a soothing blend of purple tones with wooden furnishings, offering a warm and classic atmosphere.



K. Tharinee Setthasiri


Private Residence


100 Sqm


THB 900,000 (Total)


The guest reception zone is designed with a subtle silver hue to harmonize with the collection of pottery in this tone, combining the elegance of silver gray with touches of rich bronze, creating an inviting and captivating ambiance. The ceiling design features recessed drop lights, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. The bedroom is adorned with a calming purple color palette, complemented by walnut cabinets and a cozy bed frame, exuding warmth and tranquility. The bedroom zone is beautifully designed with a harmonious blend of deep greenish-blue tones and wooden cabinets, enhanced with delicate frames and small chandeliers, creating a classic and cohesive composition.

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