Totnes Penthouse

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Immerse yourself in Modern Luxury as our design showcases the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort.

Every detail has been meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Modern Luxury, offering you a space that is both inviting and captivating. Experience the epitome of opulence and refinement in our carefully curated design.



Totnes Penthouse




150 x 2 SQM per unit


THB 8,000,000 (Total)


The Modern Luxury style decoration combines contemporary elements in each room, focusing on the use of light-colored stone materials to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere with warm spotlighting. The color tones are predominantly dark and neutral, emphasizing a sense of luxury and visual comfort.

Living Room Zone:

  • The living room is decorated with a mix of light-colored stone walls and wallpaper, showcasing luxury, elegance, and the use of modern gray-toned furniture with a touch of modernity.
  • Concealed wall lighting provides a balanced and warm ambient light.
  • The seating area includes a three-seater sofa and two sets of seating for convenience in various occasions.

Bar Zone:

  • The bar area is designed to connect seamlessly with the living room for easy access.
  • The bar is adorned with light-colored stone to complement the living room zone and enhance its luxurious feel.
  • There are three bar stools with versatile wine glass holders that can be used in different corners of the bar.
  • At the back of the counter, there is a small kitchenette for convenient food preparation.

Bedroom Design:

  • The bedroom features a high ceiling design to create a spacious and airy ambiance.
  • The room is designed with a contrasting color scheme, using dark-toned walls and wooden flooring to provide a sleek and luxurious atmosphere.
  • The headboard is a combination of slatted and smooth wood, adding dimension and visual interest.

Cream and White Bedroom:

  • The cream and white bedroom is decorated with light-colored wood, creating a soothing and visually comfortable experience.
  • The edges of the furniture are trimmed with aluminum, adding a touch of luxury and catching the eye.

The Modern Luxury style decoration, with its emphasis on light-colored stone and warm spotlighting, creates a warm and visually appealing atmosphere in each room. The combination of luxurious elements and contemporary design elements enhances the overall sense of luxury and visual comfort.

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