Nutrition Gel Plus

Maneeya Center Building

Where Ideas Thrive and Brands Come Alive.

Vibrant colors, captivating displays, and a global presence bring their vision to life. Step into a world of inspiration with pops of color and a dedicated showcase. Soft stone decor and playful graphic lines create a sense of luxury and connection.



Nutrition Gel Plus




300 Sq.m.


THB 4,500,000


Another outstanding design project by our company, inspired by the client’s vision for Nutrition Gel. This space is more than just an office; it embodies a realm of ideas and creativity. In addition to the core concept provided, we carefully incorporated the organization’s color palette throughout various design elements, amplifying their brand identity. The interior ambiance of this office is meticulously curated, emphasizing a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. You’ll be captivated by the striking use of green, orange, red, and blue, which effectively showcases the product’s unique features through interior decoration. As a retail business specializing in pharmaceutical and medical supplies, it was crucial to prominently display the products for customers. Hence, our designers crafted a dedicated area to showcase the products, with a captivating wall adorned with a world map, symbolizing the company’s global reach. The front area was skillfully designed as an alluring display platform, adding an enticing touch to Nutrition Gel. Not only does it exude a fresh and appealing vibe from every angle, but it also adds an element of sophistication to the company and its products through the use of delicate stone decor materials. This creates an elevated and luxurious appearance while reducing the visual impact of structural elements. Additionally, the use of graphic lines as decorative accents adds a playful and distinctive atmosphere, promoting a relaxed and inviting ambiance. These decorative lines also serve as significant communication tools between the organization and its customers, conveying a sense of purpose and creativity.

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