Co-Living Comfort Zone

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Where collaboration meets relaxation: Embrace the soothing ambiance of our lecture area, designed with flexible seating and vibrant colors

Flexible and cozy lecture area with wooden furnishings and vibrant cushions. Separate space for discussions or small meetings.



Co-Living Comfort Zone




350 Sq.m.


The lecture area is designed to provide flexible seating options, featuring wooden materials and vibrant colored cushions for a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The use of wood and fabric accents creates a cozy and soothing ambiance. Additionally, comfortable fabric chairs in lively colors are selected to enhance seating and add a warm touch to the room, providing various options for participants.

On the side, there is a space for informal discussions or small meetings, equipped with curtain functions that can be opened for shared lectures or closed for private conversations. Along the hallway, yellow-colored walls and small display shelves are adorned, showcasing various achievements for passersby to see and appreciate.

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