Charoenchai Innovation II

Mega Bangna

3 Charoenchai Transformer PART II2

Solid colors, glass, concrete ceilings with black-framed lights.

Experience electrifying designs that combine solid-colored tiles, transparent glass accents, and concrete ceilings with sleek black-framed lights.



Charoenchai Innovation II




500 sqm


THB 6,000,000

The Electrical Engineering Department is designed with solid-colored tiles and walls, accentuated by transparent glass, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere. The ceiling is adorned with exposed concrete and illuminated with black-framed lights, complemented by orange accents, adding dimension to the room. Furniture choices include floating gray and black pieces, along with hints of orange, creating a vibrant and inviting space.

The Hall of Fame is designed with high, open ceilings and partially dropped ceilings adorned with wooden railings and starlight-style lights, creating a spacious and luminous zone. The sides feature seating areas adorned with artificial grass and faux wooden panels to enhance the greenery, reduce the rigidity of the space, and create a more relaxing ambiance.

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