Staff Cafeteria

Flourish Studio

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Relaxing and informal canteen space with a café-like atmosphere.

Open design, natural light, and outdoor views. Versatile furniture, pastel colors, and greenery. Ideal for work discussions and relaxation.



Staff Cafeteria


350 Sq.m.


THB 25,000,000 (Total)




Canteen space: A modern central area designed for relaxation and work discussions. It resembles a cozy café with a relaxed and sweet ambiance. The design focuses on openness, high ceilings, and surrounding glass walls to bring in natural light and outdoor views. Informal table setups allow for work or group consultations, while outward-facing seating provides a refreshing break from screens. A central table is perfect for informal meetings, enjoying coffee or snacks with colleagues. The furniture is versatile, with various styles and pastel colors, creating a lively atmosphere. Downlighting brightens the entire space, complemented by greenery to add a fresh and soothing touch. It’s an ideal space to unwind and relieve work stress.

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