Aesthetic Clinic

2022 - Salaya - Bangkok

The central and lounge areas offer a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, while the medical office area maintains a contemporary and clean look.

Stylish and luxurious reception area with a bright ambiance. Lounge area featuring soft stone walls and white furniture. Modern and clean design. Bright and clean medical office workspace with built-in furniture.



Aesthetic Clinic




300 Sq.m.


THB 4,000,000


The reception area is designed with a bright and stylish ambiance, combining classic luxury with modern minimalism. The central space features a service counter and a comfortable seating area for customers to relax. The overall atmosphere is luxurious and comfortable, adorned with beautiful decorative elements such as lights, potted plants, and artwork.

The lounge area is designed with soft stone walls and white furniture, creating a modern and clean aesthetic. The use of soft stone reflects a luxurious and beautiful style, while the white furniture adds freshness and simplicity in a minimalistic design. The space is well-lit with gentle lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In the medical office area, the design incorporates large work desks and built-in furniture to store equipment, maintaining a modern and simple style. The workspace is bright and clean with white tones that blend seamlessly with the overall interior.


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