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Why choose MODS for interior construction


Why should a company like MODS handle interior design?

Khun Kamon explains, “Part of it is because we have a passion for our profession and want to provide the best service to our customers.” When customers entrust their designs to the company, MODS is committed to delivering high-quality work, whether it’s about design or interior decoration contracting. They take responsibility for delivering according to the plan, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building a reputation for reliability. They never abandon a project; they see it through to completion. This approach has led to satisfied customers who continue to use their services and recommend them to others.

How can MODS gain customers’ trust and confidence in managing their interior design?

Having been in business for over 16 years, MODS has built a solid reputation for honesty and delivering what they promise. They approach their customers with integrity, offering the best and most suitable solutions for each project, from design and materials to craftsmanship. They consistently provide work that meets or exceeds customer expectations and adheres to agreed-upon timelines.

Why is it better to hire a company like MODS for interior design instead of buying ready-made furniture?

Custom-built interior work differs significantly from buying ready-made furniture. With custom-built solutions, the design is tailored to your specific needs, usage patterns, and the proportions of your space. It’s a more flexible and responsive approach compared to buying pre-made furniture, which might not fit your space or needs precisely. Custom-built work also uses durable materials and is crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring longevity.

What services does MODS offer? Can customers choose between design-only and full contracting services?

MODS provides comprehensive services, encompassing design, cost estimation, and full contracting. Customers can hire MODS for all their needs, whether they require design-only or turnkey contracting solutions. MODS can cater to all aspects of the project, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for their customers.

What are the departments in MODS?

MODS has two main departments.

The first handles design work, comprising teams for design, drafting, specification writing, and cost estimation. This department focuses on creating design concepts, preparing detailed plans, and controlling project costs.

The second department is responsible for interior decoration contracting. This team executes the approved designs, oversees work progress, ensures the site’s cleanliness, and coordinates with clients. It also manages material procurement and addresses any issues that arise during the project. This two-department structure allows MODS to provide a comprehensive range of services to its clients.