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How can I plan my budget for interior design?


Why Begin with the Budget When Discussing Interior Design?

To allow the company to understand how the scope of work aligns with the client’s needs and whether the client’s prepared budget is sufficient. This ensures clarity regarding what can be achieved within the budget and what materials the client desires. Khun Kamol believes that the budget significantly impacts interior design because with a larger budget, you can achieve greater design complexity and higher-quality materials, resulting in a more extensive and high-quality design. Limiting the budget can also limit design possibilities and material choices.

How Much Does the Budget Affect Interior Design According to Khun Kamol?

Khun Kamol believes that the budget has a significant impact on interior design. A larger budget allows for more extensive work, higher-quality materials, and the ability to fully realize design ideas. It enables the use of premium materials and creative design solutions. On the other hand, a constrained budget can limit design options and may require compromises in terms of materials and design complexity.

For the Interior Decoration of a Single House, What Budget Range Should Be Prepared?

The budget for interior decoration can vary widely depending on the style of the project. On average, prices can range from 6,000 to 30,000 Thai Baht per square meter. However, the final budget depends on several factors, including the project’s complexity, the existing condition of the space, and the desired level of design. If the client already has some existing systems in place, the cost may be lower as you are mainly focusing on enhancing the design.

What Advice Do You Have for Clients with a Limited to Moderate Budget for Interior Decoration?

Khun Kamol suggests that clients with limited to moderate budgets should consult with the company. This allows the company to control the budget from the design stage, ensuring that the design aligns with the available budget and selecting cost-effective materials. The key is to strike a balance between design and budget, controlling both aspects from the beginning to avoid cost overruns. For clients with limited budgets, choosing a company that offers both design and construction services can help with better cost control and coordination.

How Can You Determine If the Budget and Scope of Work Are Balanced?

To determine the balance between the budget and the scope of work, a clear and detailed cost estimate is presented to the client. This estimate breaks down costs for each item, specifying which materials are more expensive and which are budget-friendly. Providing the client with a transparent and well-explained quotation ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of how the budget aligns with the proposed scope of work.