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Common Problems Encountered on Site


Common Problems Encountered on Site (As Contractor)

Khun Kamol mentioned that problems often start when entering the work site. There’s a need to check the design as soon as they are received to ensure they can be implemented as intended and are aligned with the site. This involves sending a team to the site for inspection, identifying discrepancies between the design and the actual site, and making necessary adjustments in a phased manner.

The subsequent challenge involves revising all the plans based on the site inspection findings and incorporating various shop drawings to align them with the actual site conditions.

How Does Khun Kamol Organize Different Teams for the Work?

The process of organizing different teams begins with a pre-job meeting where tasks are assigned to various teams. The work is divided into segments, and teams, such as carpenters, painters, and other relevant specialists, are allocated accordingly. Continuous supervision is crucial to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. Additionally, the procurement team ensures that materials are procured according to the design and required specifications. This may involve consulting with the designers and clients to select materials that are suitable and meet the project’s needs.

Khun Kamol believes in “adapting work processes to align with the project as closely as possible.” This means maintaining control, conducting regular inspections, adjusting work plans, and finding solutions to problems as they arise to ensure that the project meets client satisfaction.

Which Team Does Khun Kamol Find Most Challenging to Work With?

When working with multiple teams, each with its own set of complexities, Khun Kamol finds that teams with more intricate requirements can be more challenging. The complexity can arise from various factors, including differences in spaces, different materials, and various systems. Overall, working with external teams can be more challenging than working with in-house teams, but ultimately, the company has plans in place to ensure external teams can collaborate effectively with the company’s operations.

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