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The Story of MODS’s Early Years


The Start of MODS Company

Khun Kamol, the founder and owner of MODS Company, shared how it all began. It started when a friend who used to do design work couldn’t continue and suggested that Khun Kamol take over. This led to a steady flow of projects because clients trusted their work.

Do you remember your first client? Who was it?

Khun Kamol remembers their first client very well. It was “Corner 43,” located on Sukhumvit Road, named after its spot at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 43. They sold floating furniture and exported it worldwide. They needed someone to design and decorate their space. They liked Khun Kamol’s work and began working together, building trust. This partnership led to more projects and referrals from satisfied clients who saw the quality of their work.

MODS Company’s History

MODS Company was founded and established in the year 30 (1987 in the Western calendar). Initially, it was registered as a partnership and later transitioned to a limited company in the year 35 (1992). In total, the company has been in operation for 36 years since its inception.

Initially known as “Modernize Design,” the company later rebranded as “MODS,” derived from the abbreviation of its original name, Modernize Design.

Over the years, MODS Company has expanded its team and continued to take on more projects. We have actively participated in competitive bidding for both government and private sector contracts, averaging around 20 projects annually. In total, over the course of 36 years, MODS Company has successfully completed more than 600 projects, ranging from small-scale to multi-million projects, covering various types of work including office spaces, residential properties, and commercial establishments. They have a versatile team of craftsmen and designers capable of handling projects of all kinds.