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What is BOQ, and why is it essential in construction?


What is BOQ, and why is it important? Why is it necessary to calculate BOQ in construction work?

“BOQ is highly important because it shows us the total quantity of work specified in the entire design project.”

When translated into a price list, it must provide detailed information on how much work and the cost of each item. This clarity is crucial because BOQ serves as the basis for calculating the total value of the entire project, based on the itemized list of materials in the BOQ. It also helps control expenses during construction, ensuring that you get a home that closely matches the specifications outlined in the BOQ.

BOQ also helps in defining the scope of work, both what we are responsible for and what we are not. It separates and clearly defines all aspects of the project, making it possible to plan the work, allocate budgets, and set clear timelines. This ensures that everything is within the project plan, including the budget, work quantities, and leads to precise pricing, planning, and execution of the project.

BOQ plays a crucial role as it acts as a vital reference for determining the median price for interior design and decoration work before signing an interior design contract.

CAD drawings vs. BOQ: Which one is more important?

Khun Kamol believes that both are equally important in the construction of each house. In addition to designing the appearance of the house, CAD drawings are crucial because they provide detailed instructions for construction.

“It’s about translating the design details from the blueprint into reality. It also involves setting a clear scale to determine if the design can be executed as planned.”

Construction requires precision in measurements, numbers, and clear specifications. CAD drawings help achieve this precision. They reveal the details of different aspects of the work, allowing the builders to understand the dimensions and requirements accurately.

For example, standard sizes for kitchen counters and bookshelves are specified clearly in CAD drawings. This helps ensure that the proportions are suitable for their intended use and aesthetically pleasing.

To successfully carry out the work, Khun Kamol emphasizes the need for completeness in three major aspects:

  1. Floor Plan: Having comprehensive Floor Plan is essential.
  2. Design: Ensuring a good design.
  3. Autocad or Drawing: Having AutoCAD or drawing as supplementary documents for pricing.

“If any of these three elements is missing, the accuracy of the pricing will decrease, and you won’t be able to calculate the price completely.”

Therefore, these three components are the foundation for calculating accurate pricing. While other factors like design details and the level of detail in the design may be considered, these three major elements are the primary ones to focus on, as explained by Khun Kamol.


How long does it take to complete a BOQ?

BOQ is typically divided into two parts. One part involves the company doing its own design, where they extract details from the blueprints to list all the work items. The other part involves projects received from external sources where the design team might not have created a BOQ. In this case, Khun Kamol’s team will work on extracting details from the received blueprints, possibly using estimation software. There are various checks in place to ensure accurate pricing, with management overseeing the process before sending the quotation to clients.

Khun Kamol mentions, “Normally, it takes around 7 to 20 days, depending on the volume of work needed to be presented to the client.”

Who creates CAD drawings?

CAD drawings are typically created by the design or drafting team. In smaller projects, the design team can handle CAD drawings, but for larger projects, it’s more efficient to have draftsmen do this work.