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Where Style Meets Functionality: Unveiling a Captivating Fusion of Elegance and Practicality

A meticulously designed reception area that combines style and functionality to create a bright and inviting space. With captivating decor, hidden lighting, and reflective aluminum accents, the ambiance is visually appealing and intriguing.







150 Sq.m. (450 total)


THB 4,000,000




The design of the reception area, which serves as the initial point of contact for customers, is meticulously crafted to create a bright and inviting space. With stylish decor elements and hidden lighting, the area exudes a captivating ambiance. The strategic use of reflective aluminum materials adds a touch of intrigue, making the space visually appealing and full of interest. The ceiling design, featuring a geometric pattern, harmoniously blends with the polished stone flooring, creating a unique fusion that evokes a sense of elegance, luxury, and modernity.

The interior design emphasizes the use of materials that provide a captivating and dimensional effect. Built-in furniture and floating elements are tailored to suit each functional zone without causing interference between them.

The seating area features a staircase design that doubles as seating and provides a designated space for reading or relaxing. Rounded seating sections are arranged, and on one side, a high bar area with expansive glass windows offers a panoramic view. The seating arrangement caters to both individual privacy and group gatherings.

In the computer workstation area, the design showcases a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic with a striking black and pink color scheme. The unique polished stone flooring seamlessly integrates with the overall design, while optimizing the functionality of the space. The workstation area is divided into two parts, with eight computers arranged back-to-back, allowing four computers on each side. Additionally, there is a zone for group users with circular computer desks designed for added privacy, featuring adjustable curtains. Completing the area is a signature-designed sofa, providing a cozy spot for relaxation or informal discussions.

Design by Varp studio

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